Kali Linux Course in Lahore

Welcome to our Kali Linux Course in Lahore, a comprehensive program tailored for individuals interested in mastering the world of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Kali Linux, a powerful and versatile penetration testing platform, is at the forefront of cybersecurity. Whether you’re an aspiring ethical hacker, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or an IT professional seeking to enhance your security skills, this course provides hands-on training and real-world scenarios for a deep dive into ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Kali Linux Training in Lahore

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Nauman Fayaz
4th Oct 2023
07:00 - 08:30

Kali Linux Course Fees

PKR 20,000/-

Advantages of this Kali Linux Training in Lahore:

Speaking conclusively, this Kali Linux Training can be learn by any person who wants to secure his surrounding from malicious black hat hackers. We face everyday threats like when we login to Public Wi-Fi in a McDonalds or Starbucks nearby. Knowing how to work with Kali Linux will prove efficient to securing your network from people trying to sniff out packets, cookies and even attacks like DNS cache poisoning, ARP poisoning and other MITM attacks. This Kali Linux Training covers the following topics which are not only useful for a person using regular computer on a daily basis, but also to a professional security engineer or Ethical Hacker and even just a Desktop and Network Administrator:

  1. Tracking DNS and other IP address and network information using tools like Nmap, Dnsmap, Dnsenum and other similar tools.
  2. Preventing Website Account hacks through learning Social Engineering Toolkit provided as is in the Kali Linux package. Social Engineering Toolkit contains Spear Phishing attacks, Java Applet based attacks, creating fake websites and Mass mailing.
  3. Developing Malwares for Android devices which support Android 2.3 gingerbread to Android 5.0 lollipop. These malwares can be remotely controlled via any Kali Linux based laptop or Android Net-Hunter device through the Metasploit handler tools.
  4. Developing Malwares, Trojans and Persistent backdoors an tunneling them to our handlers via the Rapid7 Metasploit and Armitage package.
  5. Learning the Methods of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks). Learning how DDOS occurs can help you identify the weakness in the network infrastructure. DDOSing can not only be done on just Website servers, but also on LAN and Wi-fi based networks.


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Why Learn Kali Linux from Cyberwing Trainings?

Industry-Recognized Certification

Acquire expertise in ethical hacking and penetration testing with our Kali Linux Training and earn a certification recognized across the cybersecurity industry.

Hands-On Learning

Immerse yourself in practical labs and real-world scenarios, developing the skills needed for ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced instructors with extensive knowledge in Kali Linux and ethical hacking, gaining insights and guidance from cybersecurity experts.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Explore a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with ethical hacking and penetration testing, covering all aspects of cybersecurity.

Career Opportunities

Unlock exciting career prospects in the field of cybersecurity, as Kali Linux Training equips you with the expertise needed for roles in ethical hacking, penetration testing, and cybersecurity.

Support and Community

Join a supportive learning environment and connect with a community of peers and mentors who enhance your success and growth within the cybersecurity community.

Kali Linux Course Outline

  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Setting Up Kali Linux Environment
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Penetration Testing Methodology
  • Footprinting and Scanning
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Network Discovery and Mapping
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Gaining Unauthorized Access
  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities
  • Metasploit Framework
  • Post-Exploitation Techniques
  • Evading Detection and Covering Tracks
  • Web Application Security Fundamentals
  • Web Application Scanning and Exploitation
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Bypass
  • Wireless Security Fundamentals
  • Cracking WEP and WPA/WPA2
  • Wireless Attacks and Exploits
  • Evil Twin and Rogue Access Points
  • Securing Wireless Networks
  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Firewall and IDS/IPS Evasion
  • Packet Sniffing and Analysis
  • Network Hardening and Defense
  • Incident Response and Forensics
  • Ethical Hacking Career Opportunities
  • Industry-Recognized Certifications
  • Building a Career in Cybersecurity
  • RHCE Exam Objectives and Strategy
  • Tips for Successful Certification

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Ahmad Fiaz

Meet Ahmad Fiaz, your dedicated instructor at Cyberwing Trainings. With over 15 years of experience in training, Ahmad is an expert in CEH, Linux, and cybersecurity. His passion for sharing his extensive knowledge ensures you receive top-notch training in these critical IT domains, preparing you for success in the dynamic world of cybersecurity and Linux administration.